Panty Vigilante Chapter 4: A Progress (Part 1)

I’m making a huge push to get book 4 of Panty Vigilante done in time for Planet Comicon at the end of April. Since I haven’t been posting any sketches, I thought I’d share my progress on the cover art with you all.

(It’s my first attempt at a wraparound cover. I’m excited!)


Here it is halfway done with inking. I tend to freehand a lot of my inks, so there’s really not a whole lot of pencils to see. Mostly just enough to make sure things are placed where I want them and to get specific details right.


Finished inking! I’m working on two 11″x17″ sheets of bristol taped side by side.


Starting with color! I fancy pinks and purples with this.


Still working on the background, but here’s her face.


And here’s her face mostly finished.


And a picture of her skin finished!


Working on her hair here. The color differences is because the others were artificial light. This is what it looks like in natural daylight.


And her outfit is where I am at now! The size discrepancy in her hands is because of the angle that I took the photo from. I was trying to get my shadow out of the way. I promise she’s symmetrical.¬†She does not have one giant hand and one baby hand.


I will probably be pulling a late night trying to get this done, so hopefully you will see another update from me today!